BlueHost Diesel Generator Backup Power


The inception of BlueHost took place in the year 1996. Fifteen years later, the company is serving thousands of individuals and businesses by hosting their websites. It has emerged as one of the best web hosting companies. Equipped with a personalized datacenter, BlueHost is certainly efficient when it comes to offering the best service to its clients. Free site builder, unlimited email accounts and unlimited domain hosting are some of the highlights of BlueHost.

The company features in the worldwide top 20 web hosting service providers list. Free domain name, one click installation and free set up instantly are some of the amazing features that BlueHost offers. One can also get to go through the demo of the control panel of this hosting company. It is available on the official website. The demo would give a clear idea as to how the cPanel exactly functions.

Importance of having a Power Backup

As a web hosting provider, BlueHost is responsible for the functioning of thousands of websites. With popularity of this company growing with each passing day, more number of clients and businesses are approaching it. According to recent study, about 20,000 websites are enrolled into BlueHost on an average every single month. With the number of clients increasing at such a rapid pace, it is important for the company to ensure that there is absolutely no challenge with overall functioning and hosting procedure.

However, the task is not as simple and easy as it sounds. There are a number of hurdles involved. One of the biggest challenges is to secure the system against sudden power supply failure. Although hosting companies ensure that there is continuous power supply to their system, a rare occasion can occur. In order to safeguards themselves in such a situation, hosting providers need to have their own power back up.

BlueHost uses good power back up Technology

BlueHost is equipped with a good quality UPS power supply backup. UPS technology enables the system to carry on functioning even if there is a disturbance in the main power supply. Also, the technology is such that it keeps the power supply flow continuous and hence the entire system does not come to a standstill.

BlueHost is equipped with a Diesel Generator

Although having UPS is indeed a fantastic move, it should also be backed up by another power supply. This is because UPS can supply power for a maximum period of 15 minutes. However, there is every possibility that the main power supply might take longer to get resolved. Hence, a good hosting provider should have plan B in place.

By opting for a hosting company, the client literally trusts it by keeping the data with it. A power failure might mean that client would lose onto some priceless data. This would not only be a huge dent in his/her ambitions, but would also hamper the image of the hosting provider in a massive way. A diesel power generator acts perfectly as second fiddle to UPS system. By having a diesel generator power backup, BlueHost has eliminated all kinds of risk associated with a sudden power failure. Thus, clients and businesses feel secure while dealing with this hosting service provider. They have a sense of security regarding their data and are convinced that it is in safe hands.

One of the prime objectives of BlueHost has been to use top notch technology to ensure that their hosting services are not hampered or interrupted by any element. Opting for a diesel generator power backup supply is one such wonderful example that clearly states the dedication of this company on achieving excellence.

Power Supply is under constant Monitoring

BlueHost, being the kind of professional hosting service provider as it is, not only ensures that they it has an efficient power backup tool, but also keeps a keen eye on the overall supply of power. The company gives top priority to prevention, instead of looking for solutions. It believes in the fact that any unwanted situation can be avoided with the help of good management. Fortunately, BlueHost has been succeeded with this attitude and has certainly avoided mishaps.

Power is monitored on a regular basis. Even a slight reduction in supply is reported immediately and required action is taken.

BlueHost is Reasonable

What makes this web hosting service provider even more special is the fact that it is extremely reasonable. BlueHost believes in ‘value for money’ factor and strives hard to offer services to its clients at a minimum cost.

With the help of BlueHost coupons, clients can avail a number of services at just $3.49 per month. The coupons are available on its official website. With such amazing services on offer at a very minimum price, clients, businesses and individuals should definitely opt for BlueHost.

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